martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival

Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival for the grand finale

While the Amakula Kampala Cultural Foundation is pleased to announce the grand finale for the three month run of the Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival on December 14-17 at the National Theatre in Kampala, we must point out that this represents a significant change of date from what had been previously announced. Due to an unfortunate confusion of bookings on the part of the National Theatre this event, which was originally scheduled for late November has been rearranged for the new December dates.

The event will cover four days and include many highlights, some of which are regularly anticipated with the festival and others which will represent new additions to the festival roster.

As always the festival will present a broad range of international films while focusing on African films including those from the local region while linking workshops and discussions will be offered.

Another festival staple, the Congress on the East African Cinema will present its indepth account of the current state of the East African cinema. A unique Cinema Caravan Marketplace in which local film producers will all have a chance to present their material, offer it for sale as well as meet and discuss with their public and colleagues will be a special event this year. On the final night the Golden Impala Award for Best Short Film from Eastern Africa will be awarded. Many performers and storytellers have been engaged to help explicate the festival theme of Translating Experiences and a special exhibition made up of Storyboards created in workshops held at the various tour stops will be on view throughout the festival.

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